Bayview Dental’s David Schneider Has Logged Long, Successful Career In Dentistry

In a world where just about everything can be ordered online and delivered to the doorstep, it’s refreshing to see entrepreneurs — who are also medical professionals — choose a community to set up shop in. What’s more, some of these folks have spent plenty of time seeking out that perfect community before opening up an office that offers a much-needed service. This is exactly the case when it comes to David Schneider of Bayview Dental. That’s because Mr. Schneider had already put his dental skills to use in two states before finding a region of Washington state that offered everything he’d ever sought.

The route to opening Bayview Dental began with Mr. Schneider attending college at Concordia College, in Moorhead, Minnesota as well as the University of Minnesota Dental School, where he graduated with honors. A Minnesota native, Mr. Schneider would have a distinguished college career that was boosted by his various research projects into modern dental materials. These endeavors would eventually grab the attention of the National American Dental Association, as Mr. Schneider was selected to present his work at the association’s annual meeting. For the college senior, this was a prestigious honor as the association chooses only one student per dental school to attend. Additional accolades include his decision to take on a night job where he worked at a dental lab in St. Paul, Minnesota, and learned even more about the field he had chosen to succeed in. After finishing his higher education but before opening Bayview Dental, David Schneider would put his skills to use in his native Minnesota and New Mexico before moving to the Bellingham region of Washington state. The relocation was driven by a long-standing desire to open dental practice driven by individualized comprehensive care in a beautiful community.

What does Bayview Dental and David Schneider bring to the table when patients choose this first-class family-friendly facility? Beyond the clinical excellence that Mr. Schneider trained extensively to perfect, he has also stayed abreast of any industry developments that could benefit patients. Speaking of patients, when you choose David Schneider and Bayview Dental as your office, you can have cosmetic, implant dentistry and periodontal disease addressed alongside other services such as implants, bridges, crowns and veneers. Backed up by the fact that Mr. Schneider has logged hundreds of hours of continuing education efforts, there’s no reason for those in Whatcom County to not check out the services at Bayview Dental.